Maine or bust…

We have dreaming of cruising Maine for years so a honeymoon only seemed fitting to take the excuse for extended time off to make it happen.

The morning after our backyard wedding, we packed the last of the provisions, made a quick run our the local coffee shop and Daves Marketplace, then were able to drop the mooring lines by 1130 – less than 12 hours after the after party of our wedding wrapped in our backyard.  (Thanks to the friends and family who cleaned that up! David Wilson, Margaret Hahn, Cassie Minto, and Marilyn Cassedy).

Between the chop of getting out Narragansett Bay and the slight headache of the previous night’s festivities, we did have to pop up some seasickness pills to start the trip – but it only took a few hours before we were settled into a routine.  We agreed on a watch system of 3 hours on/off at night and 4 during the day. 

What a way to kick off a honeymoon – just see each other during watch handoffs 🙂 In reality, this allowed us to get enough sleep to stay alert and get to Maine well-rested.  

Brandon off watch in our bunk by the nav station. Ear plugs in and drool puddle. Standard for both of us. He just doesn’t get a picture of me the same….
Morning watch with coffee and the Cruising Guide of Maine (our bible)
Afternoon watch with the book

We lucked out with the weather as well, we had between 15 and 25 knots for the south the entire 200 mile-journey. We made the Cape Code Canal with favorable tides and then gybed a few times along the rhumb line.  The sea state was big but our auto pilot was a champ so did all the heavy lifting for us.

Brandon sailing North.
Sunset on the second night of delivery to Maine.

We consulted the cruising guide and found Burnt Coat Harbor on Swan,s Island  would be the best protected harbor.  We made landfall at 0100 and couldn’t have been luckier to be coming into an unknown place known for lobster pots every few feet.  It was clear skies, a full moon, and high tide. Getting in was a breeze. We dropped the hook, cracked a beer, turned on the heat, then took hot showers. We made it to Maine in 38 hours. Let the adventure continue…

A well deserved beer when we arrive in Maine at 0130 under full moon.

Food for the Tip:

  • Lunch #1: Chicken chaser salad wraps from Dave’s 
  • Dinner #1: Buffalo chicken Mac n cheese (premade before we left) 
  • Breakfast: Toad in a hole (eggs in a toast cooked stove top)
  • Lunch #2: Willow chicken salad wraps
  • Dinner #2: Chicken Marsala with Veggies and Naan 
The Trip North

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