The Story of Persistence and How We Got Here…

Him pre-Her: Brandon

Brandon grew up in Wickford, Rhode Island on Brandaris, a 63’ historic Dutch sailing vessel with his father as they ran the yacht as an educational charter boat. He went on to start working at Jamestown Boat Yard as a marine mechanic and project manager in 2008. In 2010, he purchased a 28-foot Pearson Triton in need of a major refit. He worked tirelessly on her for over a year in the nights and weekends he wasn’t working. When she finally splashed, he named her Persistence in honor of all the hard work he pushed through to get her there.

Persistence I: The Pearson Triton

Her pre-Him: Kate

Kate grew up near the water her entire life as a Navy brat. Her dad introduced her to sailing as a toddler and she’s been inseparable from the water ever since.  Raised racing on competitive dinghy teams and cruising on her parent’s Catalina 36. It was in 2011 that she moved onto a Pearson Triton in Newport Harbor.

Then a mutual friend, Morgan, said “You two should meet, you have the same weird old boat.”

Well it was years before that friendship turned into anything more. Kate went to work for Oracle Team USA in San Francisco from 2012-2013. Upon returning, she found that she “was really into guys with Tritons.”

Fast forward, a year and a little dog named Scruffy joined their pack. Kate’s grandparents in California couldn’t take care of him anymore so he joined the yachting life in Rhode Island.

However, Scruffy needed a bigger boat. 

In the Fall of 2014, Brandon found a 1978 C&C 34 listed on Craig’s List in Maine so the family hopped in the station wagon to check it out. She was on the hard in Bath just over the border from New Hampshire. The previous owner was retired and his family just wasn’t cruising anymore.

How she looked in the yard in Maine

Brandon made an offer and he accepted it right away pleased to see her go to some young owners who would give her a second life. Siobhán, (pronounced shi-VAWN) an Irish women’s name meaning God’s Grace.

She was shipped to JBY (Jamestown Boat Yard) and Brandon with Kate’s assistance spent the winter of 2014-15 (when not skiing/ snowboarding) updating her to 2015.

All in all she was in great shape, just all the systems needed replacing.  O and the cushions down below, they almost crossed the line from being so bad they are awesome again. So 70s…

O the cushions…Scruffy doesn’t care as long as there are pillows

A short list of everything done in Winter 2014-15:

  • New Head
  • New Watertanks
  • New Holding Tank
  • New Plumbing
  • New Electronics
  • New Wiring
  • New Lighting
  • New Mast Step
  • Varnish Head
  • Exterior Varnish work
  • Keel work
  • Remove Poly finish
  • New Mattress for Vberth

Summer 2015

She splashed June 15th, 2015 on a cold and rainy day. Brandon and Kate recommissioned her Persistence and tested her out in home waters for the earlier part of July before taking her to Cuttyhunk, Block Island, and Bristol that summer.

Also that summer, Morgan got married at her parents house in Glouchester, MA in late August. Brandon and Kate sailed her to the wedding the weekend before then returned after the wedding. It was 100 miles each way and took them two full days.

Winter 15-16

Last winter was a lot of the insides of the boat. This year we added to the looks and comforts of the boat.

  • Auto Pilot
  • Water Heater
  • New Cushions Down Below (Thanks to Brandon’s Mom!)
  • New Headliners
  • New Outside Cushions (Thanks to Brandon’s Mom!)
  • New Deck Hardware
  • Painted the Decks


Summer 2016


This summer she went in on May 25, 2016 and we cruised her locally before heading to Bermuda for the Newport-Bermuda Race. After that, we took her to Cuttyhunk, Martha’s Vineyard, Block Island, and Fisher’s Island on weekend getaways. Having the autopilot and a hot shower changed the cruising life drastically!

Winter 16-17

This winter we continued on the little things that make the boat even better.

  • Windlass!
  • Painted the Cove Stripe and Boat Stripe
  • New Sail Cover (Thanks to Brandon’s Mom!)
  • New Wheel
  • New Aft Rail
  • New Stantions and Lifelines


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